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​Moxy OID has developed a ​unique building material called CERLOS that ​uses ​natural ingredients, is completely non-toxic, achieves top fire resistant ratings, is mold, moisture and pest resistant, ​installs just like wood, lasts many decades without degrading, and COSTS LESS than competitive products. 


​20 Years and $20 M to Develop 

​Already proven in testing and moving to the next phase of building  the first production plant.

From weatherproof siding, to making attractive, long last roof tiles, to replacing expensive engineered wood beams with superior and less expensive CERLOS beams, Moxy OID has proven ​that CERLOS outperforms​ more expensive building materials.


For ​Home Owners, Builders, Contractors, and Suppliers

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Homeowners will get early access to CERLOS for remodels or new homes. Contractors and suppliers will be able to reserve the limited supply of CERLOS for projects or become a CERLOS Certified Representative.


​Once In a Lifetime Invention and Opportunity

​The early adopters of plastics took over their markets and made fortunes. Early adopters of CERLOS from Moxy OID will dominate the competition. With limited opportunity to participate, the first ​movers will own all the key territories or access to limited CERLOS production.

​How CERLOS Will Benefit Your Future*

​Lower Cost Homes, Safer From Fire, Water, Rot, Mildew, Pests, Toxins

​Fires, floods, mildew and infestations destroy thousands of homes yearly. CERLOS takes these worries away because the advanced capabilities of CERLOS means it does not contain carcinogens like fibercement nor burn like wood or vinyl siding, easily melt like aluminum, nor cost as much as brick. There really is no other material that compares to the benefits and low cost of CERLOS.

For your future home remodel, your next home, or your business in construction, CERLOS is the key to a brighter, healthier, and more profitable future.

Let's ​Build Your Home or Your Business Together

​Moxy OID is looking for home builders, building material suppliers, siding contractors, and anyone interested in creating a great future for themselves in partnership with Moxy OID and CERLOS materials.

​What Our ​​Founders Have to Say:

“​CERLOS materials are a game changer for safe, healthy, eco-friendly building materials all for less than the usual materials that cause so many problems.”

“​Most of our early investors are in the construction field. They know how many problems standard building materials cause in installation, for maintenance, during fires, storms, or pest infestation. The world needs a better way to build homes and CERLOS is the future.

​Robert Bedard


“​Cerlos can form into almost any type of construction material with superior properties to standard siding, wood, or engineered wood products while be easier to install at a lower price. Contractors and consumers win."

“​Consumers deserve safe, reasonably priced homes without toxic materials. Cerlos finally delivers what consumers have been asking for. Those builders, contractors and material suppliers that get in early with Cerlos will be the success stories in their regions.

​Alan Heywood

​Inventor of Cerlos